About Us

Vision & Mission

VIP HUGS International builds The Giving Bridge from Texas to Missouri to The Grand Bahamas and opens the door for business and organizations to build in a shared locality fashion.


Our overall “humanitarian” impact is an adoption endowment given annually to a selected underprivileged area. We take 25 submissions per year and choose one area to adopt for the full year.

Submissions are taken from areas which focus on these 2 Global Issues:

•Community Economic Organizing/ Transitional Housing


•Homeless programs and Food program


With us focused on 3 locales and having several area’s we support annually, we will be able to focus and raise more money and do more with the organization than tackling “world poverty” - instead we tackle 1  poor place and treat those poor people in it and make that 1 place visibly better and once we finish there we can simply morph into a foundation with a proven track record and teach others how we did it.



VIP HUGS Adopts 1 area/Country per year. Our efforts use intense focus and collaboration to show visible changes and empirical data in a concentrated fashion. We develop long-term relationships over the course of our programs and keep our connections very close-knit. We connect our adopted nation and adopted charity to support their needs through a proven concentrated effort. We are currently in the Grand Bahamas, Freeport, and 8 Mile Rock. We have started with our street clean up program and will start the process of reopening a food bank as well as an international gym for adults and children. We also have active volunteers helping with Hurricane Dorian natural disaster.


We will be reaching out to the local industrial businesses for support in this effort and look forward to local and community involvement.


We are currently set up to receive food, clothing and monetary donations for Hurricane Dorian.