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Julia Haywood

Julia Haywood has been an Administrative Assistant for several years and has transitioned into an Executive Assistant in the last few years. Her strong ability to problem solve and high ambitions allowed her to succeed in these very short years at the age of 24. After securing a job with the CEO of KTJI Management she showed great skill and was invited to be a part of this great organization. She now sits on the Board of Directors for VIP HUGS International not-for-profit as the Executive Assistant to all supporting members. To be successful in this role, she has to adapt quickly to changes of shifting priorities and time conflicts. It is a continuous learning process helping each of our team members grow professionally through administrative support, which allows each of us to be more beneficial to the organization.  She is most proud to be recognized in helping raise over $2.2 million for the non profit through coordinating fundraisers. She enjoys involving her two toddlers in the fundraising events to help secure their morals in helping other people better their own lives.