Ginger Knight

Ginger Knight grew up in the City of Los Angeles in an underprivileged home with 8 other siblings, eldest daughter to a Pastors Life, Thomas E. Jordan and Madonna Jordan pastors and founders of Focus International and Word of Faith Ministries of 47 years.

In 2000 Ginger attended Kaplan where she obtained her real estate license, she was married and started a family of 4. Ginger believes in Proverbs 30 and 31 and strives to live by the rules set long ago.


She met Dr. Bodhise, UCLA graduate author of A Holistic Survival Guide for the Mind, Body, and Spirit,  licensed Chiropractor of Holistic Nutrition and Health, she studied under Dr. Bodhise, traveled through his Philippine program through the Philippine and Japan Islands studying how nutrition and herbs affect your body and became a Holistic Nutritionist in 2007. 

This helped jump-start her mindset from Poverty to Prosperity. Her mind became clear and her energy increased as she began to build her  Real Estate Dream Empire. Ginger is a self-educated entrepreneur, indulging herself in worldwide projects to help make a way for a brighter future. 

Today Ginger Knight is a successful wealth builder for her family.

She is a Real Estate Developer, Investor, and Owner of Simple Urban Homes, the only woman Developer in the City of Sikeston, MO. 

With the very first African American approved planned development in the area.

Ginger successfully owns seven successful businesses and operates two, A very successful wellness spa, and a property Management Company, that was started to help underprivileged families and individuals build a second chance. She provides second chance leasing, sec 8 homes, and partnered up with the city of Dallas Homeless Voucher Program with her children as she continues to mentor youth on building generational wealth for up and coming families while providing a way for a brighter future.

As a fast-paced individual and multi-tasker, Ginger partnered with a  few like-minded individuals and helped build a successful fix and flip company with over 30 Vendors and Employees, she has successfully closed on over 150 transactions/properties through Reliant Title, Addison and Community National Title, in the DFW area since 2016.

Ginger Knight has a successful Real Estate Consulting and Developing Firm, Highland Park Executive Group with mentorship programs that offer lucrative investment portfolio packages, as well as access to lending up to 5.5 Million Dollars through her Real Estate Flipping mentorship program.

Sparrow Demolition and Haul, and several other successful businesses in the medical, transportation and restaurant business are all apart of Ginger’s long list of businesses she owns.

Ginger has worked with her Father and Pastor over the past 27 years to help build and support two Orphanages in Haiti, and “Feed the homeless", Los Angeles, she now works with various non-profits hosting fundraisers to feed the homeless worldwide, support veterans, underprivileged youth, x-felons, and single families. Ginger and her partners have a very successful mentorship program for young adults and real estate students. She is successfully building a Real Estate Empire. 

Ginger believes that the work she does and contributes to will make a way to

help veterans get back on their feet, underprivileged youth find the support they need to have a better chance at a good future, and single families find the support they need, help felons succeed with a second chance.